Legacy New York, now available in Australia, is an innovative concept in personalised jewellery. Offering a timeless statement with necklaces, bracelets and rings crafted from the finest quality solid sterling silver and gold and customised with the monikers of loved ones, Legacy New York allows the most memorable expression of love.

Designed to last a lifetime, Legacy New York connects generations with personalised heirlooms to be gifted through the ages, binding family and friends with symbols of affection and devotion. The jewellery can be customised with a name, an anniversary message, a sacred date, a thought or phrase, immortalising memories and binding the giver and receiver in an eternal recollection, allowing you to live, to love, and to leave a lasting legacy.

Inspired by the uniqueness of the individual, Legacy New York is about family, friends and personalised expressions. It is beautifully crafted in enduring, ageless designs, honouring those you love in styles inspired by the fashion capital of the world, New York.

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