Sweet love is never far from the candy buffet, as guests help themselves to yummy confectionery and treats as they mingle and enjoy the unforgettable candy buffet experience. The Candy Buffet Store by Prior Engagement makes it simple for hosts to create their own personalised buffet. One visit to the online store is really all it takes!

Prior Engagement’s Candy Buffet Store has every base covered when it comes to creating a jaw dropping candy buffet. There is a delicious combination of modern and traditional sweets in a rainbow of colours. Add to this the option of personalised chocolate bars, designer labels and tags, bags, scoops, vases and other buffet paraphernalia and the buffet possibilities become truly endless.

“We’ve also created our own designer range of buffet labels and tags, exclusive to Prior Engagement.” says Erin.

So how do you create a candy buffet that exceeds even your wildest dreams? Here are Erin’s 5 top tips:

1. Make sure you purchase plenty of sweets. Work out the quantities you need based on aesthetics rather than the number of guests attending your wedding.

2. Choose sweets to complement the theme or colour scheme for your wedding. e.g. a striking all white buffet, a buffet that co-ordinates with your bridesmaids dresses, or a buffet of old-fashioned sweets for a retro wedding.

3. Make your buffet really pop by giving it height. Use vases, cake stands and other interesting containers to present sweets at a variety of levels across the buffet.

4. Make it personal. Include something about you in your buffet, such as your favourite sweets or personalised bags and tags.

5. A candy buffet needs to create a presence. Anything half-hearted just won’t work, and less is definitely NOT more when it comes to the candy buffet. Go for it!

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