A thoughtfully handwritten love letter is one of the most romantic and sentimental gestures possible, and wedding love letter ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to the unity candle ceremony or unity sand ceremony. Read on for more information on this new ceremony for weddings that is sure to become a timeless tradition.

In preparation for the love letter ceremony, the bride and the groom each write the ultimate love letter to each other. In each letter are the reasons you want to marry one another. These reasons may include special memories from your courtship, the mument you first knew he or she was “the one,” the proposal, plans for your future, etc. Whatever you write in it, just make sure your future spouse does not read it.

On the wedding day, the couple performs the love letter ceremony in which their sealed love letters are ceremonially locked into a box along with a bottle of wine, two wine goblets and other memorabilia or mementos they have selected. These keepsakes could include photos of the couple, some flower petals thrown by the flower girl during the actual ceremony or a vial of sand – the sky’s the limit.

The officiant of the wedding will share with wedding guests the only two circumstances when the couple will unlock and reveal the contents and love letters to one another.

Circumstance #1: 

If time passes and serious doubts about their relationship cause the marriage to falter (hard to believe at this point, but unfortunately it happens sometimes), they should unlock the box together, drink the wine, read the loving words from each other and be reminded of their joy on the day of their wedding and the reasons they decided to marry and commit to be together “till death do us part…”

Circumstance #2:

If the couple is fortunate enough to never encounter the first circumstance, they will open the box on the occasion of a predetermined significant wedding anniversary or milestone in their marriage (such as their five or ten year anniversary).

Following the officiant’s remarks, the couple presents their sealed love letters, along with the selected bottle of wine, goblets and other mementos. Once the contents are in place, the box is locked with a key to symbolise the vows of love and commitment the couple have made to one another.

Following the wedding, the locked love letter box should be displayed in a central location in the couple's home to serve as a constant reminder of the love they share for one another. The all important key should be kept in a safe place to ensure the box can be unlocked and the contents enjoyed at the agreed upon time. Once the box has been unlocked and the contents enjoyed, write new letters, replace the wine and lock away for the next special occasion.

Don’t drink wine? Pick another drink you both enjoy. It could be a bottle of the champagne that will be served at your wedding reception, an expensive bottle of scotch or liquor – you can make your love letter box completely personalised to who you are as a couple. (Just make sure whatever you choose fits inside the box along with your letters, goblets and mementos.)

Add special meaning to your wedding ceremony and start a new tradition in your family with a wedding love letter ceremony.

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