Sydney fashion house Antonia Paris Haute Couture has launched its first line of bridal wear this season. The Antonia Paris Haute Couture team works closely with each bride on a personal level to achieve the perfect gown for the individual. The fashion house focuses on making each bride’s day a ‘dream come true’ by adding a personal touch to each creation.

Antonia Paris, designer and company namesake, is very excited about the company’s new range of bridal gowns. 
“I understand the excitement and passion of brides and am really honoured to help make their day special,” Ms Paris said.“My creations display beautiful quality and workmanship; I take great pride in every Antonia Paris gown.

“Our gowns are individually designed, fitted and made, ensuring the finished gown is perfect in every way. We also design 'ready to wear' wedding gowns.

“To many, it is the most important day of their lives so we make sure the brides feel beautiful in our dresses.

“While this is our first range of bridal wear, the workmanship in our team has 20 years experience in bridal sewing and we have experience in celebrity dressing. Our experienced bridal hand beading contractor also holds a contract with Chanel as well as other international brands,” she said.

Each Antonia Paris Haute Couture wedding dress is hand made.

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