Modern brides seeking wedding day bliss need only a little creativity to realise their fairytale. Invitations, photo books and more can be done on a shoe-string budget with stunning results.

Felicia Booth, Officeworks Public Relations Manager, says it’s important to know where you can scrimp and save, and still pull off wedding magic.

“Enchanting invitations, keepsake boxes and professional photo display options are all available at Officeworks. In fact, Officeworks has an extensive selection of wedding accessories suitable for whichever form your perfect day might take, be it traditional, Cinderella-style, beach-casual or stylishly modern,” said Felicia.

Felicia offers inspired tips and spending secrets for couples wanting to take control and orchestrate an event that will be memorable for its sophistication and unique personality.
“There are certain elements of wedding preparation that need not break to bank,” said Felicia. “The key is to cleverly infuse inexpensive wedding essentials with the overall grandeur.”

Before you walk down the aisle to say I do, prepare a detailed budget and commit, not only to your partner, but your nuptial finance plan. Knowing where to save is the secret; it’s not about budget-trimming, it’s about sensible spending.

• Do it yourself:
Many wedding tasks can be fun DIY projects. Think outside the square and enlist the help of your bridal party in crafting customised invitations, a guest book, photo album, guest gifts, centrepiecesand other innovative and personally produced touches.

• Be original and creative:
Invite your friends to bring their cameras, or provide disposable cameras to guests, and let them capture the special moments for you.

• Luxury need not cost a fortune:
Discovering charming and inexpensive wedding frills and realising there's a gorgeous budget alternative to almost everything can keep stress levels to a minimum.

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