Cufflinks are the perfect wedding day gift for your groom... he will look absolutely stylish on the big day and will have a treasured memento that can be worn again and again for special occasions, such as your anniversary. Cufflinks also make a great gift for the groom to give to his groomsmen. He can choose to give matching cufflinks to the group or personalise the gift by choosing a cufflink that suits each individual groomsmens' personality and interests. The range of cufflinks from Deakin & Francis, available at Fairfax & Roberts is amazing, ranging from classically stylish to uniquely fun. Shown here are some of our favourites...

Over seven generations, Deakin & Francis has been producing some of the finest handmade cufflinks in the world. When Deakin & Francis first produced cufflinks they were part of every gentleman's attire. Today they are worn as a statement of wealth, style, tradition or humour. From colourful enamel to funky and fun or a classic design, Fairfax & Roberts can offer you the very best Deakin & Francis has to offer.

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