Tulips are often regarded as the flower of Easter, as they come into bloom in the European spring (which coincides with Easter). So if you are planning a wedding here in Australia around Easter time, tulips are a great flower to consider for your bouquet. 

Tulips are also considered to be symbolic of perfect love, and red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, while purple tulips symbolise royalty. Below are a collection of Tulip bouquets from Martha Stewart, so have a look through, be inspired and make sure you head over to Martha Stewart for more great bouquet ideas…

Perfect Pairing - Shapely mini calla lilies and ruffly double tulips are tightly bound with wide pewter ribbon into an inverted-teardrop cascade.
Sweet Succulents - Succulents that resemble flowers make charming mates for spotted phalaenopsis orchids. The assortment is wired and tucked amid columbine, white-and-pink ranunculus, and plum-colored tulips.
White Bouquets: Painterly  - This clutch of shapely blooms in tones of cream and white recalls a Victorian posy while befitting a modern bride. The taupe ribbon of silk satin brings out the soft caramel tones of the calla lilies and tulips; papery sweet peas lend a blousy feeling, and anemones, with their black centers, add contrast.
Pastel Bouquets: Pale Perfection - This bouquet of spring flowers is both subtle in color and rich in fragrance. Ranunculuses lend solidity to ethereal poppies and dainty narcissi; 'Cream Perfection' tulips are as sleek as the creamy yellow satin ribbon used to tie the stems.
White Magic: Blushing Beauty - This mound of fully open and fringed tulips, ruffly peonies, lilacs, and sweet peas is a collage of textures, with small blooms fluttering among larger ones above a vintage jacquard cuff.
Unexpected Blend Bouquet - Pinkish-purple hues and splashy markings pull together an unexpected blend of exotic vanda orchids and parrot tulips with striped garden roses. Beadlike white-tipped gomphrena and a tailored satin bow are appropriate finishings for the elegant and quite formal composition.
Bright Bouquets: Minimalist Sheath - Long-stemmed tulips and calla lilies in shades of orange and tangerine need no more than a satin ribbon to bind them together.
Parrot and Button Tulips  - An abundance of ruffled parrot tulips and smooth button tulips appears to flicker with apricot-hued light; pale lime strokes of color add radiance, and a yellow satin ribbon is the perfect accent.
Charming, Colorful Tulips - Friendly, irrepressible tulips have long been among the most cherished of blooms: With their affinity for mixing and matching, their ability to reproduce in almost any color (except blue), and their year-round availability, it's hard to imagine a better flower for a wedding.
Romantic Medley - Fringed and parrot tulips set off by single peonies and sweet peas create a lavish centerpiece in coral-pink, orange, and cream. Stems are snipped to 4 inches and gathered in a wire frog to shape the mix in a footed porcelain bowl.
Tulip-Mania Bouquet - This mostly tulip mix interprets the artist's passion for the blooms with orange-and-yellow Dutch, pink Dutch double, French striped parrots, pointy mini-flames, and green-edged peony-flowered tulips. Yellow lupin are sprinkled throughout the asymmetrical cascade tied in royal-blue ribbon, a common painter's touch.
Old-World Charm: Abundant Glory - This oversize bouquet recalls the lushness of a country meadow. A chartreuse velvet ribbon binds the long stems of gloriosa lilies, sandersonia, rose hips, Lachenalia, geranium foliage, mahonia, and French, parrot, and 'Tennessee' tulips.
 A Flurry of Pink - A rosy hue unites these ranunculuses, sweet peas, and 'Rosario' tulips; an assortment of textures gives the bouquet its character. 

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