Tipsy Toes is the product de jour and is this wedding season's must have accessory! Brides, bridesmaids and guests alike can all breathe a collective sigh of relief… Wind up the speeches, cut the cake and let the dancing begin! 

Tipsy Toes are lightweight flexible shoes that will transform you from staggering mess to glamorous gazelle in one tiny purse-sized package, because the last thing you need at 3am is to be another 4 inches from the ground…
Tipsy Toes are a stylish, comfortable alternative for sore and tired feet.

Stairs, dancefloors, tram tracks and late night across-town hikes are now a breeze thanks to Tipsy Toes. Say goodbye to awkward wobbling and painful heels and say hello to Tipsy Toes.
Available in Black, Silver and White, and three sizes: Small 5/7, Medium 7/8, Large 9/10
RRP $19.95

Available at and at selected retail outlets
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