Ever had nightmares about tripping on your beautiful heels down the aisle? These sleek and transparent double-sided adhesive fashion sticks are designed to 'catastrophe proof' your wedding day by keeping heels in place!

Each Shoo Stick is made from high-grade, non toxic material that will stop shoes, straps and even the most extravagant head piece from slipping... even while you’re boogying the night away with your new husband.

With different strengths of stickiness on each side, Shoo Sticks are designed to wear with bare feet or fine denier stockings and tights. Just ask shoe queen, Terry Biviano.

“Shoo Sticks are a must-have accessory for any shoe aficionado. They keep heels in place helping you to walk effortlessly in the highest of heels. Shoo Sticks are especially brilliant for breaking in new shoes by eliminating rubbing,” she said.

Available in cute, reusable and handbag-size tubes of 16 strips, Shoo Sticks are a must for every girl’s handbag. Tough enough to keep most things in place but delicate enough to use on the finest material, they can be used for shoes, clothes, jewellery and even wigs! 

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