We fell in love with this  sophisticated aqua & pink wedding, and we know you will too! Filled with vibrancy and freshness, this wedding combines tradition with a modern twist of colour. 
Photography studio Panache have truly captured the essence of the occasion and the gorgeous detailing, as well as the gorgeous couple - Luigina & John! Luigina shares her ‘Bride’s Diary’ with us!
"It was really important to me that the style of our wedding reflected us as a couple. I wanted to include that personal touch with a hint of tradition too  After almost two years of planning, the day finally came. We were also moving to London so it was a busy time! We could not have asked for a better day! The bridesmaids dresses were a design created together as group and the dressmaker was wonderful in helping the design come to life."
"After a beautiful ceremony, the bridal party went to the Botanic Gardens for drinks and photos. Kym, our photographer, made our day – the photos are brilliant. "

"Finally the overall style of the reception reflected our love of family, partying and generally having a good time. The bright colours, fresh flowers and fairy lights created a fun and happy atmosphere that encouraged our guests to relax and enjoy themselves.  I designed and made the bonbonniere candles. They reminded me of a special trip John and I had taken to Thailand. The pink Bonbonniere bags were then put together by my close family as an Italian tradition. The cake that we chose represented our new journey and adventure with a small suitcase on the top, plus the flavour of mint chocolate had been a favourite of ours foreverOverall we had a magical day that represented us as a couple, I couldn’t have asked for anything more!" 
Photography: Panache Photography www.panachephotography.com.au 
Ceremony Venue: Saint Mary’s Church, Stanley St North Adelaide 
Reception Venue: The National Wine Centre www.wineaustralia.com.au  
Bridal Gown: Bridal On Pulteney www.bridalonpulteney.com.au | 
Bridesmaids Gowns: Material Eastern Silks www.easternsilk.com.au
Dressmaker Debbie Black,
Parasols Not Just Weddings www.notjustweddings.com.au
Jewellery Supplies Cabeadle Beads www.cabeadle.com.au  
Men's Suits: Hugo Boss www.hugoboss.com  
Florist: My Green Goddess www.mygreengoddess.com  
Decorations: Lush Lighting www.lushlighting.com.au  Chaircovers Over All www.chaircovers.com.au
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