Most brides spend a year-plus planning their big day, so why not use that time to also plan your emancipation from hair-loss forever with permanent laser hair removal at Nads Laser Clinics?

We all love getting our hair done, our manicures, pedicures, facials and tans, but there is one beauty appointment we would all rather not make – to get a wax every six weeks! Even if you choose the relatively painless alternatives of razors and creams you’re still battling itchy in-grows, rapid regrowth and stubbly snuggles! Now there is a solution that has the modern bride in mind.

Just like looking for that perfect diamond, in the world of laser hair removal it’s all about the “C’s”: convenience, comfort, and cost.

Nads Laser Clinics are conveniently located across Sydney in Burwood, Parramatta, Chatswood and the CBD with opening hours that keep the working bride-to-be in mind. Upon entering this hair-loss havana you’re greeted by friendly staff who all share a warm “bedside” manner and are thoroughly versed in the product. You’ll be walked through what to expect from the latest technology (revolutionary lasers for darker-skin, and a unique cooling mechanism to keep treatment as comfortable as possible) as well as a projected time-frame (approximately 8-10 bi-monthly consultations). Best of all you’re quoted by area and not in the 15 minute intervals some clinics offer which can leave you patchy or broke if you run out of funds. Cost-efficient incentives such as the “free Brazilian with full leg” or “bikini-underarm” packages, or the VIP option with lifetime guarantee, will dispel the myth that laser hair removal is financially out of reach. At a time when it seems everything costs more you’ll be surprised how easy it is to be hair free forever – and bikini-ready for your entire honeymoon!
Grab hubby-to-be and jump smoothly into life of convenience and spontaneity together. You’ll never look back!

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